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Are your Accustom to your Costume?

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Every day you choose a costume that communicates your character. Your distinguishing character traits show through no matter how carefully you disguise them. Your speech reveals how you feel regardless of what you want to conceal. How you put yourself together on the inside matters more than how you cover up the outside. When you faithfully fashion your costume, your thinking, and your feelings, what you wear will never wear on your audience.

Would you wear to work what you wore to bed? Whether you scurry out of bed in a hurry, or slowly rise from the dead, you probably don’t pay as much attention to organizing your attitude as you do to arranging your hair. What’s going on inside your head is far more important than what is going on, on top of your head. Are bad hair days really just about the hair, or does frenetic frizziness come from frantic feelings? Rare are the days when you don’t show yourself to someone else. Your attitude is the first piece of apparel you put on, or wake up in. Choosing to wear an attitude of realistic gratitude, can make the days you wished you had stayed in bed, much less hairy.

What thoughts will you wear today? Huh? When you open your dresser or start flipping through your closet you won’t find any perfectly pressed philosophy or coordinating concepts. You are probably pulling together an outfit wondering when was the last time you wore it, and, is it clean enough to wear today? For important days you may plan out what to wear in advance. How do you decide which days are important and which ones aren’t? Does it depend on what others expect of you as opposed to your self- expectations? What you think is important, becomes important. Notice how much easier it is to decide what is worth thinking about when you coordinate your attitude with your thoughts.

The clothes you wear make an impression, but their effect ends once you start to speak. The most glamorous woman or debonair man reveals the elegance of their mind and the warmness of their heart, or its absence, just by saying a few words. Do you wear good looking clothes to conceal your lack of self esteem, or do you look for the good, letting what you wear reflect your esteem? The caliber of your costume is not in the quality of the threads, it is how carefully you weave together the threads of your life to comfortably clothe your listeners.

Choosing your attitude allows you to fashion your thoughts. A well fashioned philosophy seamlessly fits form and function together. When what you put on and what you put out match, your costume distinguishes instead of disguises, reveals as opposed to conceals, the character of your faith in yourself and others. Faithfully communicating never wears out your listeners nor is it ever out of fashion.


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David Nemitz has designed and delivered over 10,000 sales presentations, professional development programs and executive coaching sessions for corporations and governmental organizations such as the US State Department, The French Consulate, and American Express. When he is not helping others define and refine their strengths, you can find him watching the sun set over The Magic City or strolling through The City of Light where he lives with his wife Ninette.