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How Gifted Are You?

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How would feel if someone offered you a gift by saying, “Here!  Take it! I know you want it, you greedy jerk!” tossing the gift
at your feet?  Might you feel different if the same gift is offer to you with the following words, “When I found this gift I was re-
minded of how important you are to me.  I want you to have it as a token my esteem for you.” The value of a gift changes with
how it is presented.  When you present a gift consider the style, the timing and the message you want to communicate.

A gift of flowers or candy has a rather limited vocabulary.  All alone they can say little more than, “I remembered.” or possibly “I am interested.”  The gift card can add to your intended sentiment; however, delivering it personally and verbally sharing
your thoughts and feelings enhances the value.  Take care to share why you are bestowing this gift and the receiver will find it
more meaningful.

When, you give a gift, can effect its perceived value.  Imagine receiving a well deserved yearend bonus in the middle of a holiday party prefaced by the “greedy jerk” comment above.  You would be interviewing for a new job before the party ended.  Do kids really appreciate any one gift when they
tear through a pile of gifts? It’s doubtful.

Giving achievement awards which are often little more than engraved Lucite or card stock can be more valuable when the
contribution it represents is put in context, before bestowing it.

Your style of gift giving can be enhanced by marrying message and timing.  Take the time to prepare what you want to say.  Make sure the gift matches the intent of your message.  Finally, select a place and a time which highlights the gift and honor’s the recipient.
Remember a gift may have a limited life span but the esteem you bestow with it may last a lifetime.


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David Nemitz has designed and delivered over 10,000 sales presentations, professional development programs and executive coaching sessions for corporations and governmental organizations such as the US State Department, The French Consulate, and American Express. When he is not helping others define and refine their strengths, you can find him watching the sun set over The Magic City or strolling through The City of Light where he lives with his wife Ninette.