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How Loud is Your Personality?

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Who you are speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you are saying.

Are you a commodity or a character?  Here is a simple test. If anyone else could be giving your pitch, you are a commodity.  If you are the only one in the world who can say what you have to say, you are a character.  A character is someone whose personality makes a connection.  Your personality is the music of your soul played out loud.  To keep your personality in tune with your audience, it is best to balance your descriptions, your gestures and your energy.

Personality is how you habitually use your energy.  When others describe who you are, will they say you are shy or outgoing, pessimistic or optimistic, serious or silly?  This depends on how they see themselves and how they experience  your energy.  Shy energy avoids others. Outgoing energy flows towards others. Pessimistic energy is negative. Optimistic energy is positive.  Serious energy is focused while silly energy is distracted.  Energetic habits begin as subtle sounds within your soul and quickly become the soundtrack of your psyche.  How energy moves through you determines how you move and whether you can move your audience.

Personality is an unbroken series of successful gestures.
F. Scott Fitzgerald

When presenters just go through the motions, we tend to look at our watch, instead of watching them. Movements and gestures lack vitality when there is no personality.  How you move must connect with what you are saying.  You can use any gestures you wish if you follow one simple rule.  Do not distract your audience from your message.  Successful gestures are natural and appropriate expressions of what you are saying.  If you are communicating fear, your trembling voice and hands help your audience to understand.  If you smile while speaking about tragedy, you are seen as silly.  Serious presenters know how their energy flows so their gestures successfully describe instead of distract.

Your descriptions are filtered through your personality. What you chose to emphasize, or ignore, shows how you see the world.  How you see things is interesting, to you. Your perspective is what makes you unique. Descriptions which help others see through your eyes turn your ordinary experiences into extraordinary communication. Descriptions devoid of personality do not connect. How you describe something is actually a description of your connection.  Your personality forms your energetic connection with your audience. When they recall your talk they will filter your content. What they remember, and repeat, are the moments that resonate within their personality.

Information is a commodity.  This commodity becomes meaningful and valuable when it is communicated with character.  Powerful personalities characterize unique perspectives. When your music is meek, no one can hear the rhythm of your soul. When who you are is as loud as what you say, your personality is pitch perfect.


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David Nemitz has designed and delivered over 10,000 sales presentations, professional development programs and executive coaching sessions for corporations and governmental organizations such as the US State Department, The French Consulate, and American Express. When he is not helping others define and refine their strengths, you can find him watching the sun set over The Magic City or strolling through The City of Light where he lives with his wife Ninette.